Lead the collaboration of community stakeholders to create and continuously improve an exceptional mental health system of care


A community that is mentally well and stigma-free

The Northeast Wisconsin Mental Health Connection (N.E.W. MHC, or The Connection) is a membership organization, open to individuals and organizations who align with our mission and vision. As such, The Connection is a self-sustaining, accountable organization that focuses on the consumers of mental health services and connects stakeholders and resources in order to improve the mental health of our community.

The Connection does not deliver services. We exist to connect service providers and other key stakeholders who work with consumers to create dialogue that leads to greater collaboration and the improvement of mental health services in the community.

Our funding comes from membership and sponsor fees, as well as well as grants for support of infrastructure and program. We are not a granting organization, but rather we support joint grant seeking opportunities by encouraging collaboration among service providers on systems-level projects to accomplish work that can only be done by all of us together. 

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